What is HDMI

So if you have been looking into HDMI, you are probably keen to learn what is HDMI. High Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI is a cable that contains 19 wires that are bundled within a single cable, it looks like USB cable, and is used for audio visual equipment. HDMI has the capability of carrying a bandwidth that is twice what is needed for transmitting multi-channel video and audio at a whooping 5 Gps, that’s gigabits per second. This feature guarantees that HDMI can blaze into the future while keeping pace with the advances in digital electronics for some time to come

Carpet Cleaning ServiceLets look at why this is so popular and what HDMI means for the consumer. Composite video, S-Video and component video are all analog as were all Television’s. Analog transmissions when received by the TV would have to be converted to digital. This delivers a less than optimal picture quality as it distorts and compromises color and sharpness. HDMI on the other hand is straight digital, a perfect stream that delivers a crisp, clear, brilliant picture. Compare it to taking a flight; lots of change over and delay vs. a non-stop.

HDMI is the consumer’s friend. Let’s face it, we would all like to have a home theater or just be able to connect all of our AV equipment. But, one thing that has stopped us, has caused nightmares, arguments and I’m afraid the occasional instruction booklet to be thrown against the wall; the tangle of never ending wires! The bundles stuffed behind units look like a nest of some horrific creature ready to grab and devour all that dare to touch it and if you made a mistake oh, well, some went completely off their wickets. Well, no more!

We have HDMI, one cable that can carry the entire load with up to 8 digital audio channels. As the TV industry continues to embrace HDMI you can expect to see more user friendly units with multiple interfaces to enhance your viewing experience. Finally, HDMI is DVI friendly as it is backwards compatible. Meaning; if you already have a unit that uses a high-end graphics card and the port is DVI, no worries, HDMI has a cable that has DVI on one end and HDMI on the other, again, one cable. So, connections simplified, viewing experience enhanced and sanity restored



Benfits of HDMI